Finding Bryant “Big Country” Reeves May Help Vancouver Find a Team

kat finding big country film

I have recently had the pleasure of meeting and speaking with filmmaker Kat Jayme. She is the writer/director/star of “Finding Big Country”, now on Prime and a selection from the 2018 Vancouver Internal Film Festival. Here’s a taste:

Her movie on Bryant “Big Country” Reeves has inspired basketball fans all over the province of BC and beyond to stand up and say “Hey, I want the NBA back to Vancouver as well!” She’s the reason I bought this domain and got to work on what I do best…building websites.

Her work on this film has made her the defacto “Grizzlies Superfan,” right to the point of meeting the legend himself…Raptors Superfan Nav Bhatia!

This was filmed by NBA TV Canada. They heard Kat. They can hear us, all of us, if we unite. They know fans want a team in Vancouver. We all need to continue to be heard, continue to share our stories of the team, and one day I’ll see you all at the arena with a basketball jersey emblazoned with VANCOUVER across the chest.

To make that happen we need to:

  • Use #NBAVancouver when we post about anything basketball related on social media.
  • Share this website until it’s heard because it will tell your stories, our stories, about our love for the game.
  • Sign the petition below to put our names on what we want.
  • Subscribe to this site so that when something new goes up it is shared with the world.

This is VanCity B-ball Boy talking to you. I am one man putting his money where his heart is by buying and building this site. I can’t do this on my own the same as you can’t do this on your own, the same as Kat–Superfan that she is–can’t do this on her own, but we can all do this together.

Are you in?

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