NBA to Vancouver Rally! October 17 2019 Before NBA Preseason Game

The NBA is coming to Vancouver, and Vancouver is going to let it be known that we want an NBA team back. A rally will be held before the Clippers/Mavericks game on October 17 2019. Fans are encouraged to wear their best Grizzlies gear for a shot at prizes and glory. Glory? Read on…

First, save this image and share it everywhere you can.

This rally is being promoted in partnership with @FindBigC, the film lead by Grizzlies superfan Kat Jayme.

Also along for the ride are the Dropping Dimes Podcast, and the @VanCityNBA Instagram account.

This will be step one of an ongoing collaboration between these people, and a few others, that will bring the NBA back to Vancouver.

We need you to start making noise with us, and sustain it, if we want this to happen. This is the first step. Take it with us.

Already going to the game? Get there early for…

…fabulous prizes! There will be giveaways of shirts and stickers for early fans in Grizzlies gear. There’s also a shot at lasting fame…but you’re going to have to show up and see what that is. 😉

Vancouver entering the NBA once more can, and should, happen. The fan support here, year after year during the NBA Canada Series clearly shows this. Remember last year?

Nuff said, true believer. I’ll see you October 17 before the Clippers/Mavericks game!

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