Grizzly Videos

Every Grizzlies-related video on the Internet (ok, mostly YouTube) will be collected and posted here. Watch away, VanCity basketball pals!

  • Bryant Reeves Commercial with Dr. James Naismith Cartoon
    Dr. James Naismith is a Canadian hero. He invented this game we love and the man deserves more recognition than what he gets. One of our own invented this game, and the fact that we're relegated to one team in the world's biggest basketball league is…well, I'd rank it as a worst … Read more
  • Bryant Reeves Commercial: "I'm Big, and I'm Country" I grew up a country boy, so I couldn't help but have some affinity for Bryant Reeves. I get him. I understood him then as a player, and I understand him now as a middle-aged man working his farm because he likes it. Here's a pic of him on his farm with my pal … Read more
  • Full Game Video: Vancouver Grizzlies vs. Chicago Bulls 1997 Have an hour and 24 minutes? Here's a full game gem from 1997 when MJ23 was everything in the NBA, and no one thought that the Grizzlies were going anywhere. Also, imagine being in Vancouver watching this game with Jordan and Pippen right there in front of you. Some interesting stats from the game … Read more
  • Danny Green Supports Vancouver Getting a Team Again
    NBA Champion Danny Green was in Vancouver not too long ago giving Raptors fans a chance to meet a member of the NBA Championship winning Toronto Raptors. Fans lined up for hours to see the star, with many either wearing Vancouver Grizzlies gear or Toronto Raptors gear. Danny was asked about all the … Read more
  • CBC: Raptors Win Leading to a New Vancouver NBA Team
    "Canada! The NBA title is YOURS!" Those words, from the mouth of my man Matty D, rang true to the ears of this life-long basketball fan from Ontario. Living in Vancouver though, I could only think of one thing sweeter: "Vancouver! The NBA title is YOURS!" The Raptors win has lead to lots … Read more
  • Original Live Broadcast of Michael Heisley Buying the Vancouver Grizzlies
    Another moment in "ah dammit" Vancouver sports history. This is the original live broadcast on TSN, interupting a spirited ladies tennis match, where we see Stan McCammon (remember him? The guy who blew the Gretzky to Canucks deal) start out with the following lies: How this is a big day for sports fans … Read more
  • Bryant Reeves Highlights, March 13 2000 vs. Sonics
    Here's a glorious video of Big Country doing what he was supposed to do until the injury with a stat line of 31pts/12rebs/4asts versus the Seattle Supersonics. Not a bad stat line, Big C! In this video you'll see Bryant: In top goatee formGo 8 for 8 in the first quarter for 17 … Read more
  • Quick Video on How Vancouver Lost the Grizzlies
    I figured that we may as well get to the unpleasant-ness sooner rather than later. This video by Andy Hoops looks at Vancouver lost their team, looking at these points: Vinsanity propelled the Raptors while the Grizzlies lacked a star on his levelLow attendance during the last two years (after 4 seasons of … Read more
  • Shareef Abdur-Rahim Highlights
    Reef was one of, if not the, best men to wear the teal. Watch this video to see him school Shaq with a high-bank off the glass, dunk hard on Marburry, make deft passes, and charge to the hoop like he's the only one out there. Stick around and watch Big Country with … Read more

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