Bryant Reeves Commercial with Dr. James Naismith Cartoon

Dr. James Naismith is a Canadian hero. He invented this game we love and the man deserves more recognition than what he gets. One of our own invented this game, and the fact that we’re relegated to one team in the world’s biggest basketball league is…well, I’d rank it as a worst injustice against ourContinue reading “Bryant Reeves Commercial with Dr. James Naismith Cartoon”

Bryant Reeves Commercial: “I’m Big, and I’m Country”

I grew up a country boy, so I couldn’t help but have some affinity for Bryant Reeves. I get him. I understood him then as a player, and I understand him now as a middle-aged man working his farm because he likes it. Here’s a pic of him on his farm with my pal KatContinue reading “Bryant Reeves Commercial: “I’m Big, and I’m Country””

Imagine if the Vancouver Grizzlies Drafted… #ImagineIfVancouver Grizzlies

In celebration of the Memphis Grizzlies donning the Vancouver Grizzlies throwbacks in honour of the 25th anniversary of a franchise they stole from the citizens of Vancouver, I’ve decided to have some fun with “Imagine If” scenarios. Some of these will be players that the Grizzlies could’ve drafted but chose to draft someone else thatContinue reading “Imagine if the Vancouver Grizzlies Drafted… #ImagineIfVancouver Grizzlies”

Full Game Video: Vancouver Grizzlies vs. Chicago Bulls 1997

Have an hour and 24 minutes? Here’s a full game gem from 1997 when MJ23 was everything in the NBA, and no one thought that the Grizzlies were going anywhere. Also, imagine being in Vancouver watching this game with Jordan and Pippen right there in front of you. Some interesting stats from the game include:Continue reading “Full Game Video: Vancouver Grizzlies vs. Chicago Bulls 1997”

Bryant Reeves Highlights, March 13 2000 vs. Sonics

Here’s a glorious video of Big Country doing what he was supposed to do until the injury with a stat line of 31pts/12rebs/4asts versus the Seattle Supersonics. Not a bad stat line, Big C! In this video you’ll see Bryant: In top goatee form Go 8 for 8 in the first quarter for 17 pointsContinue reading “Bryant Reeves Highlights, March 13 2000 vs. Sonics”