What the NBA in Vancouver Would Mean to Me: VanCity B-Ball Boy

This is the first in a series where you–the NBA fan in Vancouver, or abroad who loves VanCity–can vent your feelings on what having a team back in Vancouver would mean to you.

Me? VanCity B-Ball Boy? My real name is Matthew. I’ve been watching basketball since I saw MJ23 do this:

Basketball has been a part of my life since as long as I can remember. That means that, back in 1988 when there were no Canadian teams and MJ23 was doing stuff like you see above, I was a Bulls fan. Let me tell you; being a Bulls fan back then was GOOD.

Then the 1995 expansion came along and I was, as you can guess…a Raptors fan. Sorry, I grew up in Ontario and repped by boys ride or die style…once MJ23 retired. I split my fandom during the early years. Sue me.

Once MJ23 was off the Bulls (for good, the second retirement and three-peat) I only had my Raptors. That turned out well, with a bit of patience.

Yes, I flew from Vancouver to Toronto for that parade and Championship weekend. I’ll never forget it. I’ll never forget that connection to a city I called home. I’ll never forget the connections I felt to the people there and the warmth and conversations we all shared so easily during those days.

I want that ‘never forget’ feeling for my adopted home of Vancouver more than anything. Yes, I know that hockey is the Canadian sport. It wasn’t for me. I grew up a poor farm boy who had a hoop in the yard and a basketball next to the door all summer. Not everyone can afford all that hockey gear, and not every Canadian athlete is cut out for hockey…or the random brain damage that comes with it.

I want an NBA team in Vancouver so that the people of this city can enjoy a more inclusive game. A game we can play outside during our sunniest of summer days, where anyone can walk up and put up shots with us, and one day a whole generation of young fans become players. Maybe, just maybe, a young fan that was homeless at 16 can go on to represent Canada…


If one, only one, more young man finds his way like Chris Boucher has through NBA basketball being back in Vancouver, all of my work bringing a team back here with Kat and the gang will be well, well worth it.

Join me by contacting me now to add your story to this site. Say what you want, how you want, in the way you want. Contact me below right now.

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