Bryant Reeves Commercial: “I’m Big, and I’m Country”

I grew up a country boy, so I couldn’t help but have some affinity for Bryant Reeves. I get him. I understood him then as a player, and I understand him now as a middle-aged man working his farm because he likes it. Here’s a pic of him on his farm with my pal Kat from her movie Finding Big Country:

The part of him getting his haircut twice a week? All y’all players these days wish you were this fresh. Man was gettin’ faded while y’all were young and jaded getting that cut yo momma wanted on ya.

“Aerodynamics, man, it’s all in the aerodynamics.”

There was no point to this ad besides “Hey, look at this big goofy white guy, and see how he cuts it up on the court. Watch it on TNT and TBS!” Commercials for the NBA now are way slicker, with cutting edge graphics and fancy transitions…I just don’t see them with this much heart or honesty anymore.

What has been your favourite NBA commercial? If it’s related to the Grizzlies, let me know and I’ll post it up…eventually. I have a backlog and a real job…

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