NBA to Vancouver Heard Across the Nation and Down in the USA

We did it, fans. Our first serious push to bring an NBA team to Vancouver was a hit. If you were part of this, you were heard. Congratulations, you deserved this.

A list of our accomplishments include:

The support was absolutely overwhelming. Kat, we did it. Jaymo, we did it. Everyone else in that coffee shop on Broadway last month, we did it.

Want to hear how we did it?

Turn it up, because that was music to our ears. Encore, encore, from the nosebleeds to courtside we were heard:

With all the press coverage, Kat on Global News live in studio (see below!), and media showing real interest in this message, these chants mean ten times more. This is the sound of the people, not the press, and all 17,000+ of us that were there, telling the world directly what we want.

Speaking of Kat on the news :

What a ride, and we’re just starting. The next few weeks will be quiet on the NBA to Vancouver front, but do not worry. There are plans coming up for an away rally and to help rebuild a dilapidated basketball court in downtown Vancouver!

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Ok, one last bonus piece of two awesome people and a photo-bombing B-ball Boy eating a pork bun and not realizing the person taking the photo was taking it for The National Post…

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