Kawhi Leonard Expected to Play Preseason Game in Vancouver!

The Board Man himself is expected to play his first game in Canada since winning the NBA Championship with the Toronto Raptors on October 17 at Rogers Arena in Vancouver.

His LA Clippers will be playing against Donk and The Unicorn of the Mavericks in a preseason game that this happy writer will be attending, as well as the NBA to Vancouver Rally beforehand!

If I may make one request it is this:

Celebrate Kawhi before the game, give him a good Canadian welcome and a standing ovation for the joy he gave us…then it’s time to ball up.

If you’re coming to boo him: get over it. He wanted to go home. I respect any person who just wants to go home. He didn’t have to do a damn thing for Toronto and Canada, but he played his hardest and won us a championship. If you’re going to boo, find something else to do. This game is about love.

Let’s make sure that the scene we make is a positive one. You never know what the future may hold, or how other NBA superstars will perceive us if we act like pricks. Lastly, we need to represent Vancouver as a positive basketball atmosphere. Show love.

Get tickets for the game, and we’ll see you at the rally!

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