CBC: Raptors Win Leading to a New Vancouver NBA Team

“Canada! The NBA title is YOURS!”

Those words, from the mouth of my man Matty D, rang true to the ears of this life-long basketball fan from Ontario. Living in Vancouver though, I could only think of one thing sweeter: “Vancouver! The NBA title is YOURS!”

The Raptors win has lead to lots of speculation on the NBA returning to Vancouver after the explosion of fan support across the country. I saw the party on Granville street after the Raptors win, and this in a city which usually turns its nose up to ANYTHING the people of Toronto achieve.

The video has some very encouraging and revealing quotes:

“We need the Grizzlies to come back. We need a basketball team here. That’s what we need.”
Guy celebrating the Raps win, first comment is still we need a team in Vancouver

“I’m convinced that it could come back. It’s just a matter of timing.” Arthur Griffiths, former Grizzlies owner

“In retrospect, I wish we had a team in Vancouver right now. I think, clearly, Canada can handle two teams.” Adam Silver NBA Commissioner

“There’s just no doubt in my mind that we’d be one of those stories in sport where I think we’d go years and years and years without an empty seat.”Arthur Griffiths

Fans want the team back, a former owner knows we’d be a success, and even the commissioner of the league openly states that there should be a team here and regrets that there isn’t.

This will only change with your voice, your effort, and your time. Sign up for email updates below and start pushing along with the rest of us here at NBAtoVancouver.com!

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